Breakable - New Nordic landscapes of improvised music.

By echoing the ancients through the prism of contemporary expression, the tonal masters Helle Thun and Flemming Chr Hansen open up the slots through which to view their musical universe. By deconstructing the vast landscapes of the Nordic sounds, they bring together different times in one transient moment of multilayered improvisation - assembled through a new form and a new expression. This temporal continuum of different musical elements reveals the specificity of the Nordic sound - the airy and almost ethereal minimalism of it's nature.

Although expecting the unexpected is the main characteristic of such a union, the axis mundi that anchors the semblance of the colourful dynamics expressed by Flemming's "organic" landscapes is Helle's vocal equilibrium - a crossroad that merges the vertical with the horizontal, the static with the dynamic, the eternal with the finite - primordial scream with whispers, vocalization with organ noise, beauty with drama.

The Nordic light and the great vastness of the Nordic horizons consumes the music of the Breakables and through it's contemplative silence unites the ancient roots of the Nordic folklore with the contemporary sound.

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Danish composer and organist Flemming Chr. Hansen (b. 1968) was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and has held several church positions in Denmark. He has concertized across Denmark and has taught organ at several institutions. As a composer, he has written works in many genres, including a large scale cycle of organ suites entitled “In lumine Domini” that combines contemporary minimalist and open form techniques with the parameters of organ service music. He has recorded 4 cd´s with his own music on the digital organ i Sakskøbing.

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Here is one of the first recordings ever made by Breakable, recorded at a rehearsal in Sakskøbing Church in january 2018.

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